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Imagine the extra income that you could generate from your vacation rental if you had your calendar filled with bookings year around. Imagine how much extra income you would be left with if you didn't have to pay those high property management commissions. If you list your rental with Pocono Lakefronts.com, you will be able to significantly increase your bookings while only paying a 5% commission. There are no up front fees, and if you are not happy with the service you can cancel at anytime.


Why Internet Marketing?

According to Burst Media, 73.6 percent of vacationers say that they use the internet to plan their vacations. Many property managers are still relying on expensive newspaper and magazine ads to promote their properties. Its no wonder that they have to charge those ridiculous 30% and 40% commissions.

Pocono Lakefronts specializes in internet marketing, we know what vacationers are looking for and we know how to give your property maximum exposure through multiple streams of traffic.


Marketing your Vacation Home

Marketing a vacation home on the internet has unique demands. When deciding on a purchase or long term rental, the prospective buyer is not going to make a decision without first visiting the home. Since they see the home in person, the website that they found the home on does not play a very large role in the buying decision.

When deciding on a vacation rental, the prospective buyer is rarely going to view the home in person. This means that their decision is primarily made while viewing websites. Despite this, most websites marketing vacation homes only provide a few small, grainy pictures along with some basic information about the property. This lack of information can cause a lot of anxiety for someone planning a vacation who isn't sure what they are going to be getting.

We have been successful in filling up our vacation rentals because we provide prospective renters with a lot of high quality photos and detailed information that is presented in a professional and easy to navigate layout. Think of how excited your prospective renters will be when they see a presentation that exemplifies how great your vacation home really is.


Our Properties

Each of these properties are on pace to bring in over $90,000 of revenue this year. If you look at their Availability Calendars, they are both booked for the next two months and the spring and summer is already starting to fill up.

Big Bass Lake

Hemlock Farms


Our Services

A webpage devoted to your property will be listed on Pocono Lakefronts.com. We will advertise your property throughout our site and actively drive qualified traffic to both the site as a whole and your specific page. Your contact information will be listed on the site and you will receive a steady stream of calls and emails from people who will be enthusiastic about renting your property. Our commission will be 5% of all rental revenues for the home being marketed.

We encourage you to try out our Owners Rental Income Calculator. You will see that just a few extra rentals will more than make up for the 5% commission. You can also see how much you can save by keeping the large commission that you are currently paying to a property manager.

Contact Info

If you would like to sign up for our service or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Email: mkell12@comcast.net
Phone: (410)-988-5033
Cell: (443)-956-2701 (ask for Michael)
Fax: (410)-730-4662

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Big Bass Lake

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